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We don’t know why but dogs love pumpkin. And that’s great cause pumpkin is low in calories, but high in potassium and beta carotene, a natural antioxidant. Pumpkin is also high in Vitamin A which promotes mechanisms in the body that kill cancer cells and cause cell differentiation. Made with pure pumpkin and loaded with cinnamon for an excellent harvest treat. Smells like pumpkin pie. Definitely a yummy veggie treat for those watching their weight. Baked with wholesome olive oil for shiny smooth coat. This is what a healthy treat is all about. Two paws up!!!

No salt, no sugar, no added chemical preservatives, no fillers, no artificial coloring and no artificial flavor. Hand made from scratch.

Treat is approximately 2" x 1 1/2" and 1/4 " thick.

For Small to Large Dog.



  • Ingredients: All-purpose flour, pure pumpkin, eggs, olive oil, cinnamon, baking powder.

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