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Great for dogs & cats !  Our NEW Freeze-Dried Raw Toppers can top off your pet’s meal or be served as a treat! Integrate these toppers easily into your pet’s meals to increase their intake of wholesome, real food ingredients—whether your pet eats canned, kibble, raw, or a mix of all!

Available in 3.5oz & 18oz


  • Meal Topper :

    Add fresh food to every meal by incorporating Freeze-Dried Raw Toppers. Just scoop, serve over any balanced base, and rehydrate with water, Bone Broth, or Raw Goat Milk for an extra boost of nutritional value!

    Treat :

    Fill up the treat pouch with Freeze-Dried Toppers, a perfect high-value reward for training & enrichment.

    Use in interactive toys :

    Freeze-Dried Raw Toppers come in bite-sized pieces that can fit into an interactive toy for mental stimulation and activity for your pet.

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