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Customer Reviews :

Mike N. : Great place, great deal. Provides all the face wash, body wash & conditioner. Also a powerful hair dryer. Worked great for my Saint & I.

Briana : As someone who deals with social anxiety this place is AMAZING !!! Lovely ladies helped me and my 2 dogs. They were sweet and helpful. And take walk ins. And they were kind enough to let me know that the prices went up and because i was short around 5 bucks they let me off the hook. Great place Great service Amazing people. I've been coming here for years and they never disappoint. Absolutely 10 out of 10.

Tara W : I absolutely love the Paw Spa and so does Diesel everytime he comes back his coat is so absolutely silky

Estella A : I take my dog here for a bath, you just call ahead, make an appointment and they have everything ready for you. The soap, shampoo, conditioner and towels. Also there are blow dryers, love this place, very convenient & employees are great.

David R : I took my pet for a self wash, and the experience was great. The staff was friendly and patient to explain all the processes and available products and equipment.

Teri W : Always a great experience here. I do the self wash and love the convenience of doing it there. All supplies are included and saves my back from doing it at home as well as the mess in my shower. Customer service is always great and helpful. My babies don't mind coming in for their baths here.

Karen L : I went in to get my pups nails cut. No appointment made, just a walk in. The girls were AMAZING. The nails were way too long but I got no judgement, just an efficient experience at a reasonable price! I think I am switching groomers!

Cecilia R : We have been taking our babies here for many years. Our old gang and our new gang. My moms and mine. Love the grooming as well as self wash

Agena A : Staff is wonderful! When we arrive for our appointment our tubs were ready for us. Everything well labeled and staff was there to help us every step of the way. Tubs were easy to use, and all tools were in Easy reach. I highly recommend the Paw Spa for the self groom option.

Jana L : I recently had the need to switch dog groomers and found this great place only minutes away! They were kind and professional, and very helpful! They chatted with me about products I was interested in, and they were super sweet with my nervous Chihuahua, Dobby. They said Dobby was a perfect client and let them do all they needed to without fussing at all. That tells me a lot. She gets squirmy if she gets scared or uncomfortable, so the fact that she was SO GOOD for them tells me THEY were super good to her! That's a big win in my book! They did a fantastic job, too. Even my (adult) kiddos noticed how soft she was and how great she looked and smelled! So glad I found these guys! I WILL be back.

Jamie S : I love The Paw Spa! Everyone there loves their 4-legged clients. My pup always looks amazing. He gets lots of compliments and people ask me who's his groomer.

Joshua A : Location was clean, pet food and snacks available for purchase. Employees were very nice and willing to help guide through the washing process. I will be bringing my pets back!

Claudia M : Very friendly staff. A great place for self dog wash. Clean. I will return.

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