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Self-Wash Tips:



In order to provide our Self-Wash Customers the very best experience possible - we recommend the following :


SELF WASH IS BY PREPAID APPOINTMENT ONLY - call (951) 371-2250 :  Available Wed to Sun only.  Appointments are taken at 3pm / 3:30pm / and 4pm only (all day Sunday).  Although our self-wash service is by appointment only, tubs may be pre-occupied by customers pets still in progress. Because of this, there may be a wait of up to 15 minutes for us to prepare your tub. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.


Dress for the fun  :  we're washing dogs here and it's actually hard work. You may get wet and there will be some dog hair blowing.  We do provide aprons,  face masks, eye protection, and ear plugs for anyone that requests them.  If your pet is skittish, nervous around other pets, or if you are sensitive to pet hair or noise - please let us know in advance.


If you have questions, we are here to help : any available associate can assist you if you have questions about the wash or dry process.  If you notice your pet has fleas or ticks, let us know immediately and we can offer a different shampoo based on their condition.  We have shampoos for sensitive skins,  white coats,  pets that are shedding,  and even a special shampoo if your pet got "skunked".   Need advice on how to clean your pets ears, trim their nails, or anything else - just ask, we are here to help.

By PREPAID Appointment only - (951) 371-2250
Last self-wash is 1 hour before closing

The Wash Process
Our Pet Specific Shampoos
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